• Oferta escolar Bioparc Fuengirola 2014-2015

    (Español) Oferta escolar 2014-15
    El objetivo de Bioparc es concienciar sobre la importancia de conservar y proteger el medio ambiente ya que, solo a través de la educación y el conocimiento, lograremos preservarlo. Así, Bioparc actúa como plataforma al servicio de la sociedad, donde los niños aprenden a amar y respetar el planeta.

    En su visita a Bioparc Fuengirola, los alumnos se sumergirán en recreaciones exactas de ecosistemas naturales, como la Isla de Madagascar, África Ecuatorial, el Sudeste Asiático, y la novedad de este curso, el nuevo hábitat Indo-Pacífico.

  • exhibiciones

    Bioparc Fuengirola has recreated a Jungle clearing and intends to give a closer look at some of its inhabitants. In the Clear of the Forest you can see birds and small mammals of the tropical forests and observe how they behave in an environment, similar to its natural habitat and learn a little more about some strange animals.

    This is a pioneering exhibition within Spain, being the first to bring together terrestrial mammals and birds in the same place and at the same time.

  • baobab


    The visit to Madagascar Island in Bioparc Fuengirola starts inside of a thousand-year-old baobab more than 25 meters tall.
    In the interior of the baobab, you will have the opportunity to take a close-up look at the lifestyle of the inhabitants of these lands, four species of lemur in danger of extinction.

Bioparc Fuengirola move the jungle to Costa Marbella Shopping Center in Puerto Banus. There, on the second floor of El Corte Inglés (toy shop zone), we will be until January, the 4th with gifts and activities for children, such as drawing and African music workshops and storytelling. Want to know the story of Ana Konda and play an African djembe?

These are the schedule of the activities:

  • 12.00 AM to 2.00PM. Drawing workshop. Come and have fun drawing your favourite animals! A free ticket for participants.
  • 5.00 to 6.30 PM. Storytelling Ana Konda and african music workshop Educáfrica. Free B! Annual for 25 first participants.
  • 7.30 to 9.00 PM. Storytelling Ana Konda and african music workshop Educáfrica. Free B! Annual for 25 first participants.
From 15 to 19 December, only afternoon activities. 24, 25 and 31 December and 1 January, no activities. 


Enjoy it with your B! Pass only for 30€ (no promo 2015 price: 50€)

An annual pass with a lower price than a daily ticket? Yes, until February, the 28th, only in Bioparc Fuengirola. More information

Bioparc Fuengirola offers an easy, clear and profitable proposal to the closest people. With this initiative, people of Malaga will enjoy Bioparc during a whole year in the best economic conditions, only 30€ adults and 20 children, retired and pensioners (adding only 3€ handling fee and 1€ for Fundación Bioparc). These special prices at the Annual Berde! Pass are only valid until February, the 28th*. From this time, the adult pass price will be 50€ and children, 38€.

Bioparc demonstrates its commitment to society and promotes values such as environmental awareness and conservation of endangered species. Because children and adult immerse themselves in a beautiful recreation of threatened natural habitats and, at each visit, are participants in a different “live documentary”. Thus the purpose is to transform the attitude of people while enjoying a different project of leisure that carries them to distant places to contemplate almost unknown animals. Latest offspring of gibbon or Philippine deer, orangutans, tapirs or leopards, now can be seen, while new areas like the lost temples of the Khmer empire and new animals such as the fearsome Komodo dragon will be discovered.

As well, with the Berde! Pass, you can enjoy during all the year the special activities programmed by Bioparc. Live other experiences such as be captivated by tropical forests’ mangroves, have a walk among lemurs, disconnect from routine feeling the quietness transmitted by nature or taste a dinner on summer nights.

These special prices are the best chance for everyone to live a year of experiences at Bioparc Fuengirola, thus extrapolated to a monthly cost, would be 2,50€ a month for adults and 2,08€ for pensioners, while children visit the park all year long for free. Also, we must remember that 1€ of each pass goes to Bioparc Foundation for projects of nature conservation.


Promotion valid until February, the 28th. General Berde! Pass: 30€. Children Berde! Pass (from 3 to 9 years old), retired and disabled people: 20€. The Berde! Pass is not transferable.
Mundo Berde! Community: renew your adult pass for only 30€ and you’ll get the FREE renewal  of the children Berde! Pass. Promotion not cummulative to other discounts nor promotions, nor the Manada Pass. Only one child for one adult. 
Not included 3€ handling fee not 1€ for the Bioparc Foundation. Necessary to accredit the age of the children presenting ID card or family book.


GORILA DE COSTA en Bioparc Fuengirola - web

This year, give something different. Give nature, Komodo dragons, a walk among lemurs, a dinner in the middle of the forest in summer… Give one year of Bioparc Fuengirola! We have prepared for the owners of a B! Pass a very special offer, 28€ for adults and 18 € for children, retired and disabled people, until January 6th. If you haven’t it yet, take advantage of this offer!! Only 30€.

Just come to our ticket office and take the card gift with you for that special someone. Sure will not forget.

More info at info@bioparcfuengirola.es and by  phone 952 666 301.


The messengers of the Three Kings collects the wishes and dreams of the children of the house

From December the 23rd 2014 until January 4th 2015, come to the authentic African Tent of Bioparc Fuengirola raised on Constitución Square in Fuengirola. Give your letter to the Emissarie of the Three Wise Kings and take your gift, an Annual B! Pass, for children from 3 to 11 years. Schedule: From 11,00 AM to 3,00 PM and from 5,00 PM to 9,00 PM. December, the 24th and 31st, from 11,00 AM to 3,00 PM. December, the 25th and January, closed.



Lemures abrazados - Lemurs cuddled

Until 06/01/2015, take advantage of this unique benefit of being a member of the MundoBerde Community: visit the park with two people with the 50% off in their tickets. And you could do it even in two different visits to the park!

For recovering energy, Berde! Pass holders AND YOUR FRIENDS have 20% discount at restaurants and shop.

Don’t throw away the ticket! We know that your friends will love Bioparc, so we remind you that if they want to get the Berde! Pass when they leave, we discount them the price of their entrance. 

*Conditions: this promotion is only valid for two companions for one Berde! Pass holder until 06-01-2015, even in two visits to the park. Not cummulative with any other promotions.

Check schedules and prices.


El Dpto. de Educación de Bioparc Fuengirola selecciona EDUCADORES.

        ◦ Buscamos personas jóvenes y dinámicas, con gran capacidad de comunicación.

         ◦ Se valorará un buen nivel de inglés (no imprescindible) y experiencia en el trato de escolares.

         ◦ Horarios flexibles.

 Si disfrutas trabajando al aire libre, te gustan los niños y los animales envía tu C.V. a educadores@bioparcfuengirola.es

15% discount on your daily ticket and in your annual Berde! Pass.

Click on the links for more information.

Discover with RENFE the four ecosystems in Bioparc Fuengirola : MadagascarÁfrica EcuatorialSudeste Asiático y el más nuevo de todos, Indo-Pacífico.
Renfe brings you closer to wild nature:
  • Combo Pack: Round trip + Bioparc ticket
    • General: 14,50 €
    • Children: 11 €
  • 25% off showing at Bioparc ticket office your RENFE ticket of long and medium distance and AVE.


Prices of the combo pack are the same for any train station in Málaga, and you can get it in the autosale machines and Renfe ticket office.Not cummulative with any other promotion. Children: 3-9 years old. Valid until December, the 31th 2014.